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TiE is a non-profit headquartered in Silicon Valley/Santa Clara, California, started in 1992 to foster entrepreneurship.

TiE University enhances college learning with mentoring by real life entrepreneurs, internships, local and global networking and access to funding sources.  The program helps university startup founders and teams successfully launch and scale their ventures more rapidly. TiE University is a program of TiE Global, a nonprofit that generates prosperity through development of entrepreneurs in all stages by creating community and beneficial relationships to support them.

In December 2018, TiE Global launched a concerted effort to hold a global pitch competition in conjunction with TiEcon Silicon Valley in May 2019.  The inaugural program (TiE-U 1.0) had student teams representing 19 chapters from Canada, USA, UAE, Pakistan and India with a hybrid model of a 50/50 split of teams being present in California and some being virtual in May 2019.  During 2020 due to the pandemic, TiE-U 2.0 evolved into a 100% virtual program with participants from 13 chapters across 5 countries (Israel replaced Pakistan in 2019) and included workshops, startup bootcamps, TiE Global Summit, and related programs by including college startups.

Reach out to a local chapter of TiE to check if they are running the TiE-U program; if not, suggest how you’d like to volunteer to get the TiE-U program for the upcoming academic year.. If you can’t find someone close enough to your location, connect with us at to let us know what  interested in doing as a participant.

Check out the “Information Hub” section of our TiE-U website. We have listed out benefits for students and institutions, for chapters and TiE members, and for sponsors.

No, TiE-U does not offer college credits and is not an actual university.  Most of our programs offer mentoring with real world entrepreneurs that is considered priceless.

Write to us at with the headline I’d like to volunteer. Please list which of our activities you’d like to volunteer on. If you’re not sure, just ask to be assigned to an area where we are currently short-handed.  As a volunteer led non-profit organization, we’re always on the lookout for help from accountable volunteers who want to give back!

TiE-U programs are intended for students who are currently enrolled in college or have recently graduated during calendar 2019 or 2020.

Use the ENTRY FORMS on the TiE-U website.  Depending on deadlines, you can enter for this year for the next academic yearIf you need any clarifications, contact the local TiE chapter or write to

The vast majority of the TiE-U program has no charges involved, but you should check with the local TiE chapter to find out more.  If you wish to become a member of TiE in your region to get year-round benefits, each chapter is empowered to set its own fee structure.

As a non-profit organization, we welcome contributions in cash or via in-kind donations that would be helpful to students on their entrepreneurial journey.  If you wish to get a charitable donation deduction, the TiE Foundation is set up as a 501c3 charitable organization in the US.

Please contact the TiE chapter nearest you or email

Yes, till the end of June 2021, the events will be in virtual mode. Any change will be updated by mail (join our mailing list)